The Rick Freridge Wood Shop

As many of you know, our wonderful Wood Shop is now open. Below is some general information about our Wood Shop. For more details please call or stop at the front desk. You can also ask for a copy of the Member Guidelines so you aware of how our Wood Shop operates.

– 9:00 am-3:00 pm
– Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday through mid-March

To use the Wood Shop, you must be a current member of SJLSSC and make an appointment to sign up for a mandatory Safety Orientation Class to become a Wood Shop member.  You can make an appointment for orientation at the front desk, which lasts approximately 3 hours.  You need to sign up 2 business days in advance to attend an orientation.  Safety glasses are also mandatory.  If you do not have a pair, you can purchase at the front desk, $2 for regular safety glasses or $5 for glasses that fit over a prescription.

To use the Wood Shop after orientation, you need to have an active Wood Shop membership and sign all membership documents. All fees are to be paid at the front desk before you can use the Wood Shop.
– $5 daily fee
– $20 monthly fee or $10 if paid 16th-end of the month (this pro-rated fee only applies the first time you use our Wood Shop, after initial payment, total monthly fee applies).
-$200 yearly fee
No Refunds After Payment is Received.

Monthly classes are offered in the Wood Shop. These classes are for anyone who would like to try their hand at a new craft or someone who has been woodworking for years. You do not need to be a member of the Wood Shop to take these classes.

The volunteers here in the Wood Shop will be displaying a variety of their handy work all year long. Along with Raised Planters and Potting Benches that are being made for the spring, they will have a variety of other items that you can purchase. Be sure to look for unique handmade items for yourself or someone special to you. 


Wood Shop Guidelines

The Wood Shop at St. Joseph-Lincoln Senior Center (SJLSC) will provide a safe and friendly environment for all members who are interested in woodworking and other woodcrafts. Woodworking is the perfect activity to challenge your mind and strengthen your body, along with giving a sense of accomplishment and ownership for each project completed.  We will provide an opportunity to our membership to learn new skills while participating in a craft that gives them pleasure.  


Hours/Days of Operation

9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Tuesday-Friday, January 9 to mid-March.
Excluding the timeframes above, the Wood Shop is open 5 days a week, when the Senior Center is open or if a class is not taking place that requires full use of the Wood Shop.  Current members will get a robo call in advance if a class is taking place, so make sure your phone number allows robo calls or provide us with another phone number.


To use the Wood Shop you must first make an appointment to sign up for a mandatory Equipment and Safety Orientation Class before you can participate in this program.  An appointment must be made at the front desk.

To use the Wood Shop, you must be a current member of SJLSC and have an active Wood Shop membership.  A copy of the Wood Shop Member Guidelines will be provided to all members. A Liability Waiver Agreement and an Equipment Orientation must be completed and signed prior to use of the Wood Shop. All fees are to be paid at the front desk before you can use the Wood Shop.

Wood Shop Participation Payment Plans                             

– $5 daily fee
– $20 monthly fee or $10 if paid 16th-end of the month (this pro-rated fee only applies the first time you use our Wood Shop, after initial payment, total monthly fee applies).
– $200 yearly fee
-No refunds after payment is received

Wood Shop Membership Includes

– Equipment and Safety Orientation Class
– Unlimited use of the Wood Shop during operating hours, when a Host is on duty
– Storage cubby assigned by Wood Shop Host as needed and on a first come basis
– Use of the Wood Shop, the tools, and machinery
– Wood is provided when available

Wood Shop Membership DOES NOT include, and must be provided by member              

– Ear protection is recommended and mandatory near the planer and the joiner  
– Eye protection is mandatory when working with power tools or machinery
– A full face shield is mandatory while operating any of the lathes


All members must complete a mandatory Equipment & Safety Orientation Class. Please sign up at the front desk.

All members must sign in on a kiosk and on the sign in sheet in the Wood Shop.

Volunteers who supervise the operation of the Wood Shop are identified as “Hosts”, they will be wearing red aprons so everyone can easily identify them when needed. Hosts have the responsibility and authority to terminate the use of a power tool when any use is perceived to be unsafe. Members who are discourteous to the Host or violate the guidelines may lose the privilege of using our Wood Shop.

There must be a Host in the Wood Shop to operate power tools or equipment.

Our Wood Shop is for recreational use, meaning that members do not use the Wood Shop to create personal items for resale to the public and/or for personal gain. Items made in the Wood Shop can be gifts and given to family and friends. If an item is made in the Woodshop for fundraising, it may only be done so that all proceeds will be designated for the SJLSC Wood Shop.

The donated wood in storage is free for Wood Shop members to use on projects made within the Wood Shop. Wood is not to be removed from the Wood Shop for personal use. Members are asked to only take the wood that is needed for their project. If you would like to make a donation for materials used please do so at the front desk.

Work benches and machines are common property and members may work at any open bench. If a bench is not available, please see the Host. Machines in high demand may be governed by a time-based signup sheet if deemed necessary by the Host. If a machine is required for a class, that class has first priority.

When leaving for the day, please be sure your workbench, machines used and the floor around you is clean and cleared of unfinished projects, and all tools are returned to their proper place. If a work project cannot be moved, special permission by the Host to keep it on the bench can be made if you plan to return to work on it the next morning the Wood Shop is open. If permission has not been given, the Host will remove your project at 8:30 am the next day.

All hand tools and small equipment that are the property of SJLSC must be returned to their proper storage area upon completion of their use. No tools are to leave the premises.


Operation of a safe Wood Shop is critical and our number one priority. Use common sense and good practices while operating power tools and machinery. You need to have working knowledge of the power equipment that you are using and the safety rules of that equipment. If you are not sure how to operate a power tool or machine, ask the Host on duty for assistance.

The acceptance of responsibility for personal safety, the safety of others, and the care of the Wood Shop equipment is a fundamental condition of use.

Persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or any concentration-altering drugs cannot use any power tools or machinery and will be asked to leave the premises.

Use of appropriate clamps or vices are required to secure work on the drill presses.

Eye protection is mandatory when working with power tools or machinery.

Ear protection is recommended and mandatory near the planer and the joiner.

A full face shield is mandatory while operating any lathe.    

Gloves are prohibited while operating power tools or machinery.

No long sleeves or loose clothing that cannot be rolled up tightly. No hair or beards and jewelry that could be caught in machinery.

Wear proper shoes.  Open toed shoes or sandals are prohibited in the Wood Shop.

The FIRST AID KIT is located on the west wall by the tool storage room. The EYE WASH STATION is located right next to the first aid kit. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS are located near all room exits. The Emergency Electrical Shut Off is located just above the light switch by the main double doors. Please familiarize yourself with these items in case of emergency.



If you damage the sanding belt on the wide belt sander or the drum sander or if you throw the brake  cartridge on the Saw Stop table saw, you will be responsible for reimbursing SJLSC for the replacement cost of all damaged parts.

When finished with the table saw, turn down the blades and release the fence clamp so the next person knows that the saw is ready to use.

Used wood may not be used in the Wood Shop. No treated or wet wood may be run through the table saws. Do not use wet wood on drum sander. If determined that sandpaper was ruined by negligence on the drum sander, user will be expected to contribute to the cost of replacement.    


There is no finishing room in our Wood Shop and we are unable to provide a dust free area. Staining and painting other than latex water based stains and paints are prohibited due to the effects that chemicals may have on other users.


We have limited storage space and a total of 36 cubbies available. Cubbies are available as assigned by a Wood Shop Host.  Storage cubbies are included with a monthly/yearly Wood Shop fee, when available and on a first come basis. When a monthly Wood Shop membership has been cancelled, all items must be removed from the assigned cubby immediately or they will be removed for you.

Members are expected to work on and complete their projects in a reasonable time-frame and not use the Wood Shop for storage. If projects or materials are left untouched for more than one month, they will be removed from the Wood Shop and disposed of unless prior arrangements have been made.


Guests and/or visitors may tour the Wood Shop with the attention of a Wood Shop Host on duty, but cannot participate in the Wood Shop operations.


While these guidelines do not cover everything, it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual Wood Shop participant to practice safe work habits while in the Wood Shop.

Whenever you have a question, ask a Host on duty, and always remember: SAFETY FIRST!


WOOD SHOP MEMBER GUIDELINES                         January 2023