Tax Preparations

Beginning Monday, January 16th, you can call to make an appointment to get your taxes done. Appointments will start in February. Please round up all of your paperwork before scheduling an appointment. Please use the checklist below when gathering your documentation. The AARP tax volunteers are able to help you file simple Federal and State income tax returns, including Homestead Property Credit and Home Heating Credit. FYI, COMPLEX TAXES MUST BE COMPLETED BY A TAX SERVICE! This includes any business pursuits. Appointments fill quickly, so call as soon as possible.


If filing married/jointly, both need to be present. You both must have photo ID and Social Security Card.

Bring any/all of the following:

1. 2021 Tax Return, both Federal and State, no matter where done. If no 2021 return, bring
2020 return.

2. 2022 Social Security Benefit Statement (SSA-1099).

3. 2022 Interest Income Statements (1099-INT).

4. 2022 Dividend Statements (1099 DIV); Capital Gains Distributions or Stock Sale (1099 B).

5. 2022 Income Statements from pensions, annuities, IRAs, etc. (1099 R).

6. 2022 Statements of earned income (W-2).

7. 2022 Health Insurance Premiums Paid by You. If you paid automobile PIP (personal injury protection), bring your auto insurance declaration page.

8. 2022 Summer and Winter property tax bills. Summer bill due September 2022, and Winter bill due February 2023.

9. 2022 heating bills from Nov. 1, 2021 to Oct. 31, 2022. Available from utility company.

10. Any federal or state income tax forms you received in the mail.

11. To directly deposit your refund, bring a blank check or savings account information that shows your account number and routing number.

12. If you rent, know your monthly amount and the name and address of your landlord.