Exercise Class Descriptions

Balance Class – “We do not sufficiently appreciate the powerful role BALANCE processes play in learning efficiency and in the development of intelligence.” ~ Frank Belgau
To safely move from one place to another requires balance. Join us to practice skills that help us maintain and improve our posture and balance against the downward pull of gravity. Exercises and movement patterns will train the brain and muscle groups to more easily balance so your static and dynamic activities of daily living will become easier and safer. (Moderate activity)

Calisthenics – Move to music through a variety of exercises designed to be gentle on the joints while challenging the muscles and cardiovascular. Participate in easy to follow seated and standing, low-impact movements to improve your lifestyle and emotional well-being. Activities of daily living may become effortless and less painful with regular attendance. Hand held weights, elastic bands, small balls and chairs are used in class. Come to energize your (active) lifestyle. (Active activity)

Cardio Drumming – Put the fun back into the function of exercise by participating in this active class. While standing (although seated options are offered) you will “drum” on a large exercise ball to the beat of energizing music. Your entire body as well as your heart will become happy as you strengthen muscular and cardiovascular systems. Best of all is the brainpower you will gain from following rhythms and drumming patterns. (Active activity)

Chair Drumming – Drum along to the beat of an eclectic mix of music while seated. This class will help improve strength and endurance, all while enjoying a highly social environment. Participants can adjust the intensity to fit any level; however, this is not a cardio drumming class. Over time, you will realize improved grip, wrist, and general upper body strength and flexibility, and you will have fun doing it! All required equipment is provided, including a tub, ball, and drumsticks. We love first timers, so give it a try!  (Moderate activity)

Chair Yoga – Move your whole body through seated and standing yoga poses designed to improve flexibility, balance, range of motion and strength for restoration of the mind and body. Breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques are practiced to promote stress reduction, pain management and mental clarity. (Moderate activity)

Line Dancing (Beginning and Intermediate) – Line dancing is a choreographed sequence of steps repeated by dancers in lines moving to the beat of various types of music while making the same steps and turns at the same time. Different types of music such as waltz, tango, cha-cha, country and western, tunes from the 40s, 50s, 60s, Celtic, Disco, Pop, Latin, Big Bands, Folk, Rock, Swing, and more are used. No partner is required – dancers move independently of each other without physical contact. Line dancing can provide you with a well-rounded exercise program, including essentials such as aerobics, stretching, circulation/energy, posture/coordination, toning, and stress reduction. Line dancing uses all the large muscles, helps speed up the metabolism and allows the body to burn excess fat. It also increases your energy level and builds stamina, improves body alignment and posture, and (by lowering the resting heart rate) improves your cardiovascular fitness. You should wear comfortable, sturdy shoes and proper support with a smooth bottom sole (preferably leather/composition). (Active activity)

Parkinson’s Exercise – This class is dedicated specifically to those who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. We focus on strength, coordination and posture during our session. This group will use resistive exercise bands and hand weights to build strength. In addition, we have purchased special exercise chairs that have built-in resistive bands for the arms and the legs. These chairs are utilized to create large functional motions with resistance in a safe environment. The Parkinson’s class is also special because the Physical Therapy Students from Andrew’s University assist in providing instruction to the class members. These students assist class members with posture exercises and coordination building techniques at a handrail for safety. Overall, this class will enhance general body strength, posture and coordination if our members participate in class on a regular basis.

Range of Motion – Range of Motion class is for all levels seeking to maintain and/or improve movement of the entire body. Everyday life requires us to respond to demands on our bodies, such as walking, changing directions, navigating stairs, and getting up out of a chair for the lower body. Range of Motion class will take consideration of the hips, lower legs, inner thighs, gluteals and core/abdominal area to help us do those everyday things. Our upper body asks us to reach for items on a shelf, carry many different items, put a shirt on, and so much more. We will do movements in class to target the shoulders, biceps, triceps and abdominals to accomplish those types of tasks well.

Hand weights in the size of your choosing, soft grip balls, and bands are used in class to aid in strength training, and you will adjust them to your specific challenges on any given day. We will do some standing rhythmic movements to aid coordination (great for body and brain!) and some seated exercises as well. You are most certainly welcome to do the entire class sitting if needed and you will be cued for modifications to keep you moving with the class. It is important that all enjoy good music and have a great time together! (Moderate activity)

Resistive Exercise – Our resistive exercise class focuses on full body strengthening. We use resistive bands and hand weights to provide resistance to arm and leg motions. Members are instructed in large body motions seated and standing to improve posture and build core, arm and leg strength. This class focuses on large muscle groups that our members rely on to maintain general function and independence. Range-of-motion exercises are incorporated into this program to promote flexibility. Members that participate on a regular basis will build and maintain full body strength and flexibility for everyday activities. (Moderate activity)

Tai Chi – Low impact exercise and poses to improve muscle tone and strength. Helps with flexibility, relaxation, balance and overall mental and physical health. According to the CDC, also helps prevent falls. This is a moderate activity exercise. (Moderate activity)