Exercise Class Descriptions

Balance Class – Focus is on practicing static and dynamic balance tasks to train various muscles groups. It also trains the brain to improve control over our posture and body against the downward pull of gravity. (moderate activity)

Calisthenics – Total body workout using pronounced body movements designed for the “active ager”. Resistance bands are used for some of the exercises. (active activity)

Cardio Drumming Class is held outdoors – Standing while you drum along to the beat of music. Cardiovascular exercise challenging arms and legs as well as you brain by following patterns, rhythm and balance. (active activity)

Chair Drumming – Seated while you drum along to the beat of music. Experience improved strength and coordination in a fun and social environment. (moderate activity)

Chair Yoga – Improve balance, strength, flexibility and mindfulness. Reduce stress, manage pain through the use of movement, breath and yoga postures. Stress reduction and pain management techniques are also included. (moderate activity)

Line Dancing (Beginning and Intermediate) – Teaches line dancing either for the new or experienced. (active activity)

Parkinson’s Exercise – This class is for people who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. We perform seated and standing exercise to improve strength, balance and coordination. This class has special exercise chairs with built in resistive bands. We also incorporate large movements to support improved mobility for Parkinsons. Registration is required.

Range of Motion – This class maintains or improves specific joints and surrounding muscles with careful stretching and body movement designed to make everyday life easier to execute and enjoy. Emphasis on flexibility, stability and core strength. Various levels are taught because we are all unique! (moderate activity)

Resistive Exercise – The purpose of this class is to strengthen large muscle groups. We perform seated and standing exercises to your tolerance. Although the primary focus is strengthening, we also perform stretching exercises. We utilize large resistive bands for arm and spine strength. (moderate activity)

Tai Chi – Low impact exercise and poses to improve muscle tone and strength. Helps with flexibility, relaxation, balance and overall mental and physical health. According to CDC also helps prevent falls. (moderate activity)

Yoga (Gentle) Class is held outdoors – Enjoy the softer side of yoga! Stretch the torso, back, hips, legs and shoulders. Restorative postures promote safe stretching of deep soft tissue and will increase joint mobility. (active activity)