Opening Plan for Indoor Exercise Opportunities

Beginning Pickleball Postponed until Phase 3
Tuesdays 11:15 – 12:45

Advanced Pickleball Postponed until Phase 3
Wednesdays 12:45 pm
Fridays 1:30 pm

Parkinson’s Exercise Class
Wednesdays. 12:15 pm
Fridays, 12:15 pm

Our Parkinson’s Exercise Class is instructed by Rocco Pavese, Physical Therapy Assistant and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Our goals are lofty including improved balance, gait, functional task endurance and overall reduced fall incidence. This class is dedicated to improving overall body strength of each participant including; upper body, lower body, core and spine. This is achieved using resistive bands, hand weights and body weight lifts such as step ups. In addition, our class incorporates static and dynamic balance performed at a wall railing or weighted chairs.Participants perform cross body movements and exaggerated functional movements with and without resistance, which is achieved with both upper and lower extremities for complete body coordination and strength. Members also have access to individual steps allowing single leg step ups performed in repetition. This exercise isolates lower extremity muscles, thus promoting increased strength for functional tasks such as walking, sit to stand transfers and stair climbing. Our class is one hour in duration offered twice a week on Wednesday and Friday.

THE CIRCUIT TRAINING ROOMPostponed until Phase 3

Physical fitness is one of the St. Joseph-Lincoln Senior Center’s top priorities and the Circuit Training Room helps fulfill that need in a big way. With 18 different machines, you can work-out virtually every part of your physique–arms, legs, core and cardio can all be built-up at your own pace and whenever you get the opportunity. This is one of the Center’s  most popular facilities and is staffed by trained Monitors who can help you with the proper use of the machines and in reaching all your fitness goals.


Monday 9:00 am    Instructor:  Emily Fix
Tuesday         9:00 am     Instructor:  Rocco Pavase 
Wednesday    8:45 am    Instructor:  Rocco Pavase
Thursday        9:00 am    Instructor:  Rocco Pavase

My classes focus on strength for the entire body.  We use hand weights and resistive bands to challenge our muscles each exercise session.  We focus on posture, core strength and functional movements during our sessions. In my opinion, my classes help Seniors stay as independent as possible.  Exercising creates confidence, energy, strength and function in anyone who frequents our classes.  
Instructor: Rocco Pavese

My class uses exercise bands, dumbbells and body weight to improve muscular strength and endurance throughout the body.  A portion of this class is standing and a portion is seated.  Moving is so important for so many systems in our body!  It keeps our heart and lungs functioning efficiently.  By exercising and moving it helps keep our range of motion in our joints and helps us maintain muscle strength and endurance needed to help keep our independence and to enjoy the hobbies we love.  
Instructor:  Emily Fix


Dancing is good aerobic fitness, good for your heart, lungs, bones, muscular strength, and can improve your coordination, agility and flexibility. Since the dances are choreographed, it challenges our memories. It’s also fun and enriches the soul. Our class enjoys camaraderie and friendship, and we go out to lunch once a month to celebrate that month’s birthdays. I really enjoy teaching this class as I love to dance. Being a senior myself, it really challenges my brain and memory, and I forget some steps many times, but it’s all good.  
Instructor:  Melodie Moermond

Tuesday at 10:15
Cardio Drumming
Wednesday at 11:15
Chair Yoga
Friday at 9:30
Balance Class
Friday at 9:30

All three of the classes I teach have one primary goal:  train to keep your body primed for everyday activities and to prevent injury and enhance quality of life. Everyone needs to train their bodies – everyday to remain mobile and strong. Keeping the brain healthy as well as the body is also a priority. I hope to keep people in their best physical and mental mindset. I want them to feel strong and happy so they can dance through life.  
Instructor:  Jean Green

Balance Class – New Class
Balance is multi dimensional. Maintaining balance and mobility is essential to aging successfully. Static and dynamic balance begins with good postural alignment then postural control and then our ability to maintain control as we respond to environmental stimuli. The purpose of this class is to provide practice with exercises that are progressive and comprehensive. This class is based on the innovative balance and mobility program at the Center for successful aging at California State University at Fullerton and is currently implemented in numerous community-based and residential care settings. This class is a great addition to an ongoing exercise program or for a first time participant in a structured exercise class.

Range of Motion,
Monday at 10:30
I have 27 years of teaching thru American Council on Exercise.  Range of Motion maintains and/or increases strength, the body’s range of motion, and have lots of fun.  Get moving!  
Instructor: Carolyn Margol

Range of Motion,
Thursday at 10:15
Improving range of motion helps prevent injuries, keep joints mobile and flexible.  Improve balance and strength which is imperative for seniors in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I absolutely love teaching at the Senior Center!  The people are amazing and made me feel at home teaching here right from the start.  
Instructor:  Amanda Ellis

Tuesday at 2:00 
I teach beginners and intermediate line dancing steps.Line Dancing is beneficial for exercise, fun, socializing.Get out and get moving.
Instructor:  Dale Baldridge

Advanced Line Dancing
Tuesday at 1:00  
Friday at 10:00

The Advanced Line Dancing classes demonstrate steps for line dancing while learning various dances.Line Dancing is beneficial in helping with memory and encourages everyone to keep moving in time to music.  
Instructor:  Margaret O’Neill

Tai Chi Class
Monday 12:00 pm – Activity Room
Friday 12:00 pm – Gym

I have been teaching for over 25 years. Tai Chi is the “gentle martial art. “The slow, focused movements are a wonderful way to relax, keep flexible and find balance and improve overall health and wellbeing. The mindfulness aspect of Tai Chi, the breathing focus and rhythmic nature of the movements help calm the nervous system and reduce inflammation. Proceed at your own pace, there is no competition. 
Instructor: Janet Snelgrove

Chair Drumming
Monday at 1:15
I have a BS in Engineering along with CPR, AED, First Aid, Fit our Group Ex-Indoor Cycling including special populations, and active emergency situations. My class benefits our seniors with conditioning and socialization in a fun environment.  I love the Senior Center!!!  
Instructor:  Ron Robb

Contra DancePostponed until Phase 3
Monday at 2:30
I have over 30 years’ experience teaching dance.  Contra Dance is social, energetic, accessible and fun!  No fancy footwork!  Come try this American classic form of dance!  Benefits of Contra Dance; low impact, moderate cardio, balance, bone strengthening, social and fun!  
Instructor:  Noel Bash


Stop by and enjoy the completed outdoor areas!